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Steam Banhammers More Than 40,000 People After its Summer Sale

Steam’s Summer Sale officially concluded last week, but Valve had one last surprise in store for cheaters who had hoped to score cheap replacements on games (or to build up a larger stockpile of titles while cheating in others). On July 6, Steam banned more than 40,000 people — 40,426 according to Steamdb.info — vastly exceeding its previous daily ban ...

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Windows 10 Game Mode can boost performance after all

Microsoft’s Game Mode has been a puzzling feature addition to Windows 10 ever since we got wind of the option at the tail end of 2016. After keeping quiet about expected improvements, Microsoft finally let drop that average PCs might only see a 2-5 percent improvement. This is, to be clear, more-or-less what we expected based on how Microsoft had ...

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Could Nintendo’s Switch pack 1080p or 1440p support after all?

We’ve seen a rapid reappraisal of Nintendo’s Switch hardware in recent weeks. For months, scuttlebutt pointed to a Pascal-derived product, only for multiple sources to specify that no, Maxwell and the 20nm Tegra X1 was the basis for Nintendo’s next-generation device, rather than a 14/16nm Pascal SoC. Information on the screen has pointed to a consistent 720p, but a recent ...

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