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Diving into Project Scorpio’s backwards compatibility, 4K, VR, and 1080p support

Now that we’ve discussed the basic technical specs of Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s follow-up to the original Xbox One, it’s time to cover some of the ancillary information, like 4K support, 1080p goodies, and VR functionality. Microsoft and Sony are pursuing different strategies with their new refreshed hardware, so it’s worth exploring what each platform offers (at least, as of this ...

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Nvidia launches mobile Pascal, drops desktop-class hardware into mobile form factors

Nvidia launched its new mobile Pascal hardware today — and with a twist. Several months ago, we covered rumors that the company would use its standard desktop hardware in laptops rather than creating an entirely separate mobile product line. Turns out, that’s exactly what the company did. The new GTX 1080, 1070, and 1060 for laptops are almost identically specced ...

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Battlefront DLC teaser trailer heads into the Death Star’s trenches

As previously promised, DICE shared the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Battlefront‘s third DLC expansion, Death Star, at Star Wars Celebration. The DLC includes new maps—on ground and in space—new weapons, new star cards, and two new heroes. The trailer below also teases a Death Star trench run mission—which was obviously going to happen. During the panel, DICE confirmed ...

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