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Steam Banhammers More Than 40,000 People After its Summer Sale

Steam’s Summer Sale officially concluded last week, but Valve had one last surprise in store for cheaters who had hoped to score cheap replacements on games (or to build up a larger stockpile of titles while cheating in others). On July 6, Steam banned more than 40,000 people — 40,426 according to Steamdb.info — vastly exceeding its previous daily ban ...

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Don’t buy the Windows Store version of Infinite Warfare if you want to play with other people

For years, it’s been nearly a given that the Xbox, Sony, and PC versions of a game all use separate servers, with their own playerbases. While there have been a handful of exceptions, most games segment each console and PCs into their own sandboxes. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes things one step further, locking Steam players and Windows 10 ...

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