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New Details Define Promise and Limits of Xbox One X 4K Performance

Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio), there’ve been questions about how the platform would handle backwards compatibility with Xbox One titles and what kind of benefits those games could expect. Microsoft has made a lot of promises about 4K, and while the company’s E3 demos showed games like Forza hitting those targets, the ...

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With Arcade Saga, HTC’s Vive Studios delivers on the promise of room-scale gaming

Somehow playing VR games with an Xbox controller seems wrong. Even playing them sitting down isn’t ideal. The whole notion of virtual reality is to mimic reality. Finally this year the platform pieces have started to arrive — room-scale movement, reasonable-resolution headsets with a long tether, and versatile touch controllers. Now, HTC has put them all together in a compelling new ...

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