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Total War: Warhammer’s Bretonnia patch boosts performance on AMD Ryzen CPUs

Last week, the Total War: Warhammer team released a new patch, codenamed Bretonnia. While they didn’t specifically discuss any kind of new features in the patch notes, testing shows that the update significantly improved performance on AMD’s new Ryzen microprocessors. PCGames.fr tested the new 1.6.0 patch, and found a consistent 10 percent improvement on all three Ryzen 7 processors, as ...

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AMD unveils Ryzen launch dates, clock speeds, performance, pricing

For months, computer enthusiasts have chafed for fresh official information on Ryzen, as opposed to the stream of unverified leaks. Today, AMD is releasing detailed product information, pricing, and estimated IPC improvements over Excavator. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen — things are about to get real interesting in the PC market. For those of you just tuning ...

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