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Steam Banhammers More Than 40,000 People After its Summer Sale

Steam’s Summer Sale officially concluded last week, but Valve had one last surprise in store for cheaters who had hoped to score cheap replacements on games (or to build up a larger stockpile of titles while cheating in others). On July 6, Steam banned more than 40,000 people — 40,426 according to Steamdb.info — vastly exceeding its previous daily ban ...

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The Steam Summer Sale Starts Thursday, June 22

The time has come for gamers the world over to joke about burying their wallets in the backyard, but they’ll never do it. The Steam Summer Sale is starting Thursday, and that means big sales on games. An embarrassingly small number of those games will ever be played. But the prices are really good! Be honest, you’re going to buy ...

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The great GPU bait-and-switch of summer 2016: AMD, Nvidia official MSRPs don’t reflect real-world prices

Whenever AMD and Nvidia launch a new GPU family, there’s always at least a few weeks of uncertain pricing and limited availability. Early shortages and short-term higher prices don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, which is why most review sites keep a casual eye on store shelves, but don’t stay laser-focused on the issue. Now that the ...

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