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How to Stream on Twitch

Live streaming has become a wildly popular pastime and revenue stream in the last few years. So popular, in fact, both Amazon and Microsoft acquired streaming empires while Google expanded into the market with YouTube. And while there are some high profile streamers who bring in some serious cash, this massive rise in streaming is built on the backs of ...

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Twitch will start selling PC games this spring, with streamers getting a 5% cut

Steam is currently the undisputed king of digital game distribution. Valve is about to get some new competition, though. Game streaming platform Twitch (an Amazon company) will begin selling PC games directly this spring. Twitch will enlist its legion of game streamers to promote game sales on the platform by offering a cut of the sales to streamers. Twitch could ...

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Twitch begins shift to HTML5 video player

Twitch will soon implement one of the most fan-requested features: an HTML5 video player. Twitch Turbo subscribers will be able to start testing the HTML5 Player Beta today. The feature will be in beta for a while, but Twitch plans to “steadily expand beta access to more users toward the end of the summer” based on the data gathered from ...

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