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HTC May Spin Off or Sell Its Virtual Reality Business

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. In the early days of Android, HTC carved out a significant space for itself. It brought the first 4G-capable phone to the US (the HTC Evo 4G) and back in 2011 it actually held more market share (24%) than Samsung (21%) or Apple (20%). Over ...

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Ultimate virtual reality holiday gift guide

What a year it’s been for virtual reality! Three major platforms launched, dozens of new games were released, and this is just the beginning. Nearly every major tech company is investing in VR in some way, and average consumers are finally benefiting from the years of prototyping and research. Whether you’re looking to lay down a couple grand for a ...

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PSVR hands on: a week with Sony’s virtual reality headset

The PlayStation VR ($ 399) has been out in the wild for about a week now, and I’ve been busy giving it a thorough workout. Since my headset arrived last Thursday, I’ve spent countless hours fixing cars, golfing, defusing bombs, and leaning perilously over the virtual abyss. With a few days of VR exploration under my belt, I’ve emerged from ...

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