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New Details Define Promise and Limits of Xbox One X 4K Performance

Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio), there’ve been questions about how the platform would handle backwards compatibility with Xbox One titles and what kind of benefits those games could expect. Microsoft has made a lot of promises about 4K, and while the company’s E3 demos showed games like Forza hitting those targets, the ...

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Seagate, Microsoft Debut Xbox One Storage Options With Game Pass

Seagate and Microsoft have teamed up before to offer Xbox-branded external storage options, and the storage manufacturer has recently refreshed its product line to match the style of last summer’s Xbox One S. Beyond that, however, these new drives also offer a several-month subscription to Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass subscription service. We haven’t covered Game Pass before, so let’s ...

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Prey’s Demo Is Well-Optimized on PS4 and Xbox One

Last year, Bethesda ruffled many feathers by announcing that reviewers will no longer get early access to new games. So with this week’s release of Prey, the reboot of the tumultuous franchise of the same name, Bethesda can’t rely on pre-release reviews to help move copies. Their solution? Bring back the good ol’ days of the pre-release demo! If you’re ...

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Which Xbox One Games Deserve a Scorpio Upgrade?

<h3>Halo 5: Guardians</h3>

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Halo 5: Forge came to Windows 10, we got a small taste of what Halo can look like on more powerful hardware. Unfortunately, the majority of Halo 5 is still exclusive to the underpowered Xbox One. The game does run at 60fps, but the resolution is lacking, textures can get pretty blurry, and some elements actually display at half the ...

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Microsoft’s new Project Scorpio Xbox could blow the PS4 Pro out of the water, challenge high-end PCs

Microsoft finally announced some of the specifics of its upcoming Project Scorpio refresh, and the implications for the Xbox One product line are enormous. This isn’t just a refresh or a doubling-up of existing resources, like Sony used with the PS4 Pro. This is something altogether different, and Microsoft doesn’t seem to be just gunning for the PS4 — it’s ...

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Upcoming Xbox One patch will snip console’s Snap mode

Microsoft’s Xbox One unveil back in spring 2013 didn’t have a lot of high points, but the console did feature a new mode Microsoft clearly hoped would be a key differentiation factor in years to come: Snap mode. Microsoft made much of the fact that you could “snap” various types of content to the side of the screen while still ...

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Gears of War 4 competitive cross-play being tested this weekend between PC, Xbox One owners

If you’re still playing Gears of War 4’s multiplayer, this weekend has something special on offer. The Coalition team has decided to enable competitive cross-play for this weekend in hopes of gathering data on what it’s like for Xbox One and PC gamers to go head-to-head. Unifying the PC and Xbox audience has recently been a priority at Microsoft, and ...

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Ultimate Xbox One holiday gift guide

This has been an incredible year for the Xbox team. There’s new hardware on store shelves, cross-platform play is going strong, and the Xbox 360 backwards compatible catalog continues to grow. In spite of the platform’s rough launch in 2013, the past three years have been very kind to the Xbox One. And if nothing else, 4K UHD TV owners ...

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